About Us

At Goshen we aspire to be Africa’s leader in business events and
Nothing beats the experience of meeting people face to face to gain
inspiration to learn and do business
We aim to be Africa’s company producing world class events and
tailored corporate training
Our focus is on strategy, innovation, technology and our trade
exhibitions are market places for global businesses
We shall deliver focused in-house training with the flexibility to your
organisational requirements
We aim at providing the general business community of Africa with a
unique and dynamic platform for both private and public business
leaders and executives to network and develop skills or knowledge in
the business arena.
We are aligning ourselves with a wealthy pool of renowned business
leaders and trainers whose experience make any training opportunity
a worthwhile investment.
From our experience, we know that a deep understanding of the
needs of corporation provides the foundation for quality and
innovative driven provision of services to our clients. We therefore
aspire to exceed our customers’ expectations
At Goshen we offer a comprehensive and highly flexible service
package that can be tailored to your specific needs
Goshen Training and Consulting International (GTCI) is a level one
B-BBEE enterprise.